MND Snow is a global player in artificial snow production. Today we offer you a full range of fan and lance based equipment that’s guaranteed to meet your needs.
We start from the fundamental principle that our products must be tailored to directly meet your operational goals. In doing this, we offer comprehensive and innovative technical expertise to deliver your snowmaking system requests.

Our offer

  • Maximum production even at marginal temperatures
  • A thoughtful and systems based approach to snowmaking
  • Optimum exploitation of cold weather windows, using our eight-step technology
  • 100% turn key installation capability
  • Tailored investment and operating cost based packages
  • Advanced ergonomics for true ease-of-use and maintenance
  • Upkeep and maintenance support packages of all existing installations
  • Worldwide technical support (training + troubleshooting)
  • Sustainable facilities; designed to last

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Sales Contact:

Beth LaPOINTE, Operations Manager Northeast

Tel: 603 707 7818