MND & Its Hives

A Commitment to the Environment


Since it was first observed in the 1990’s, the decline of bees has been a growing concern.

Each winter, up to 35% of the colonies disappear. This decline certainly has multiple origins, but the most influential are indeed human.

For four years, three colorful beehives brighten the roof of the MND group headquarters, and pique the curiosity of our visitors…

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In 2014 MND group chose to contact Pollinium, company specializing in the installation of hives at companies and in urban areas. A few months later, MND had its three hives installed on the roof of Building B.

A commitment to preserving biodiversity : Owning bees is a concrete action to preserve our natural environment. Pollinium has chosen the breed of bees most adapted to the conditions of Savoie, France. Our hives host local bees called black bees, less honey-producing but more resistant to our climatic conditions. Welcoming hives is also the opportunity to tell a story to our employees, our customers, our suppliers.

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Maintenance throughout the year, for a harvest in July:
Pollinium takes care of the maintenance of our hives until the honey is put into jars. They come to the site about ten times a year to feed and treat the bees, essential to the well-being of our small inhabitants. They also come in July to harvest the honey.

LOUIS NOEL, General Manager of TAS and beekeeper

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A few months before the hives were installed on the roofs of our buildings, Louis
Noel started beekeeping, out of curiosity, love of nature, and also to satisfy his
children’s appetite for honey! In agreement with the management, he installed
two hives behind the workshops, and there is still one left today. In 2017, his Mountain Honey was rewarded a Silver Medal (all categories combined).

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